When it comes to quality, Universal Softech makes sure to deliver the best to its clients. Our Quality Management System(QMS) consists of a complex and unique set of engineering and managerial activities that ensures a high-quality end product.

Universal Softech QMS Tasks and Objectives:

  • Determine the standards that are relevant for the Software Development, the Organization and the means to achieve them.
  • Once the standards are defined elaborate and implement the procedures and regulations for software development process based on industry best practices and standards.
  • Have processes that evaluate the project performance and aim to assure that the Quality standards are being followed and the final product will be in compliance.
  • Product quality verification and validation to ensure its correspondence with the clients' needs and expectations.
  • Establishment of an effective collaboration of all project team members.


Universal Softech QA department works independently as well as in coordination with the technical team. Our QA team comprises of expert QA engineers and experienced testers that are involved in the projects on a dedicated or as-required basis. QA engineers are allocated according to project's needs. If it is required they can be easily transferred from one project to another. Such flexibility allows optimizing project efforts and correspondingly the overall project budget.

    Key Processes include:
  • Full-cycle QA Testing
  • Document and Code Reviews
  • Issues Tracking
  • Configuration Management
  • Process Monitoring
  • Risk Management


We make sure to conduct the quality control procedures for every project in the most efficient manner. QA engineers are involved in all stages of project development. Lead QA specialist is allocated from the initial stage of the project and involved in initial business analysis and requirements specification. This simultaneous interaction of the development and QA teams ensures a better understanding of the project scope and the client's business objectives.

A typical QA lifecycle includes the following phases:

Quality Planning:

Quality Planning is the most important step in Software Quality Management. Proper planning ensures that the remaining Quality processes make sense and achieve the desired results. The starting point for the Planning process is the standards followed by the Organization. Sometimes additional industry standards relevant to the Software Project may be referred to as needed. Using these as inputs the Standards for the specific project are decided. The Scope of the effort is also clearly defined.

Quality Assurance:

The Input to the Quality Assurance Processes is the Quality Plan created during Planning. Quality Audits and various other techniques are used to evaluate the performance of the project. This helps us to ensure that the Project is following the Quality Management Plan.

Quality Control:

Following are the inputs to the Quality Control Process:
– Quality Management Plan.
– Quality Standards defined for the Project
– Actual Observations and Measurements of the Work done or in Progress

Final Verification and Validation — the final product thorough testing to ensure the final quality and readiness for deployment QA process may include different test types to ensure increased QA depth:

- GUI and Usability Testing
- Accessibility Testing
- Compatibility Testing
- Performance Testing
- Installation/Configuration Testing
- System/Integration Testing
- Security Testing
- Internationalization/Localization Testing
- User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

If the product is not up to the mark, it may be sent back to the development team for fixes. Changes to the Development process may be done if necessary. Ultimately when the final meets the standards defined then it is accepted and released to the clients.

At Universal Softech, Customer satisfaction is our primary goal and for that, we always strive for better results constantly improving our QA methods and procedures.

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