Want to make your recruitment process more productive!! Acquiring the right talent is not just about the bulk of applicant resumes. It's much more than that. Hiring is one of the most critical and demanding processes in any organization. PowerHunt gives you insight into various aspects of hiring process.

    Main feauture os applicant tracking features:
  • Candidate Profile Search
  • Track Applicant Status
  • Centralized Communication


Sourcing requires identification and assessment of right candidates through proactive recruiting methodologies. With PowerHunt searching for your right candidates got easier and faster.

    With our software you can do the following:
  • Bulk Resume Upload
  • Social Media Sharing
  • Publish on The Web
  • Free Job Search Engine Syndication


Use keywords like skills, designation, and qualification to search candidates and their exact details. The system will fetch resumes to take further action as adding to a particular job or sending an email. The job board parsing feature of our ATS software helps you avoid any errors that might come along with manual data entry, and automation saves field to field information. Additionally, all the information you need is immediately visible within the candidate profile, so you'll never have to hunt for information again.

    Top features of resume management:
  • Parse Resume from Job Boards
  • Parse Resumes from Document
  • Duplicate Resume Detection
  • Accept Resumes in All Formats


Our software allows you to transfer all resume from your system into the software in one go. It might be possible that you have collected a lot of resume from email and other places but you would like to keep it in one place while reviewing candidates. Our software makes it easier for you as you can transfer all your resumes in bulk in just one click! It will save you a ton of time, and make sure that no resume get inadvertently overlooked.


Score numerous right candidates, within no time. Drawing the right talents, easily, requires a progressive multichannel approach to sales and marketing. Get started with a goal-oriented distinguished microsite, have a step-by-step approach to job distribution, run a buzzing employee referral program, deliver an exceptional candidate experience and more. Our extensive sales and marketing program draws top talents from everywhere. This is the right platform for you.

    This is how we make your sales more effecient than ever:
  • Establishing the perfect career site
  • Build a buzzing referral engine
  • Get the precise view on your job ads
  • Make effective use of your talent pool and leads


Dashboards have become the best way to gain insight into an organization’s operations and performance. Our dashboard shows the challenges and overall goals set by us. By looking at dashboard we can identify how we are performing, define metrics and set goals so that we can meet and exceed performance expectations and identify issues proactively. Our active dashboard helps you get rich insights for improved operational efficiencies throughout the complete recruitment lifecycle. It helps you take pre-emptive action faster to gain competitive advantage. By integrating with our ATS, you gain insight into the best sources for attracting quality candidates from initial view to hiring. With the visually appealing analytics dashboards, we provide real-time analytics into the performance of your recruiting strategy allowing you to improve your overall hiring process.


Work collectively to hire the best candidates of all. Power hunt gives you an easy, collaborative hiring experience on their laptops and phones. The power hunt talent acquisition platform is built for the way people actually work. Career portal has organized the methodology of recruitment and job-search, making it easier for professionals to interact and avail the best of opportunities.

    This is how our software helps in recruitment collaboration:
  • Search candidate's profile for any word or phrase
  • Make your recruiters work as a team
  • Solid Candidate Communication
  • Streamline Interview Management at Scale
  • Combined Testing & Assessments
  • Vendor Management


With an advanced employee referral program of our software, your current employees can be your company’s best hiring source. Candidates who are referred to your organization are more likely to turn into employees, resulting in a more effective and efficient hiring process. PowerHunt allows employees to share openings with talented candidates they know. Employees and co-workers can refer jobs to the right people in their networks who can share further with people they know. As a result, you are quickly able to reach your target candidates in a very cost-effective and efficient manner. Referrers can directly add candidates to the ATS software thus developing your candidate pipeline more efficiently. And our source tracking tools help you optimize your referral program by showing you what's giving results and what isn't.


Powerhunt shows reports containing detailed data of your activities and uses visualizations to highlight the key data. It uses hiring reports and analytics to refine your hiring process. Track the source of your most qualified candidates to improve job board ROI and see the progress of your open jobs.

    Reporting features are:
  • Candidate source report - Helps to know the exact source of candidates for current or future reference
  • The productivity and activity report - Get to know your team's work and productivity.
  • The old and current pipeline report - Get a quick view of the positions you’re hiring for and the number of candidates at every stage in the hiring pipeline.


Prompt and in-depth interview scheduling is completely integrated with your mail and calendar system. Candidates can easily self-schedule interviews from any device while recruiters can access schedules, set multiple interviews at once and quickly make real-time changes. This improves scheduling efficiency and minimizes scheduling conflicts, eventually making interview management.


PowerHunt allows you to send mass emails to a group of candidates informing them about new job openings,news,etc. in just one click. This helps you reach a large number of candidates very quickly and efficiently, thus saving a lot of time.


Powerhunt does a regular performance analysis to check if goals and objectives of a particular employee are met or not. It helps in deciding the performance standards, evaluation criteria and individual’s output. Everything is recorded in the database for analysis. It helps in deciding the performance standards, evaluation criteria, and individual’s output.


Powerhunt provides the tools you need to get the recruiting results you have always wanted. You can customize your careers site within the recruiting software by uploading your company logo, adding a link to your website and including an introduction. You can easily share every opening on the site individually over social media and job search engines and boards.

Our careers page is faster and SEO Friendly. You can prompt job openings to your website. You can customize the layout. There are advanced search options and search filters. You can share jobs to social media. Applications can be received without registration.


PowerHunt lets users create an account allowing them to directly apply to one or multiple jobs with only one application. Increase your exposure by posting jobs on most popular job boards.

You can post your openings directly to your social media accounts without leaving Powerhunt. Once you create an opening in Powerhunt, you'll be prompted to post the opening on your social networking accounts–all with just one click of the mouse.


Our social media sharing tool allows you to post openings to your social accounts directly within the recruiting software. These days, you never know how your next suitable candidate will learn about your new opportunities. Our social media sharing effectively maximize your reach.


Our job board is great for you because:

  • It’s faster and mobile-friendly
  • You can oost job openings to your website
  • The layouts can be customized for you
  • Job search is easier
  • Advanced search options, screening, and search filters through pre-defined criteria
  • You can share jobs on social media
  • Application can be received without registration


There are times when you want to display different openings on different pages of your website or if other members want to display your openings on their website ,you need more customization than a jobs widget or standard job board does.You can customize the openings on your website precisely the way you see fit with our recruiting software's openings API.

If you want your openings to display in a certain way, our software API is what you are looking for.


Our mobile-responsive career sites make it easier for users to connect with job seekers on any device so that you can expand your candidate reach. Our software detects the device visitors are using and responds with a scaled version of your career site. Thus we give your prospects a better experience—whether they're using an iPhone, Android, desktop, tablet or any other device.


The PowerHunt Team believes hiring right talent is critical to the success of every business. That’s why every customer has access to dedicated support services to help you achieve your recruiting goals any day, any time. Our world-class support is available 24/7 to assist you with all the questions you have regarding our software. If your question is not resolved by email we can also schedule a call with you.

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